Due to various innate factors of print design such as intuitive navigation, mental mapping, and our cognitive resources’ relatively limited ability to retain information, consumers comprehend and remember what they read on paper better than what they read on a screen. These are just some of challenges I consider when designing Digital Marketing pieces. Read below to learn more about each individual project.


These are iPhone App Store Previews for Evil Apple Studios’ Evil Apples: A Filthy Adult Card Game. The goal was to tell a series of funny short stories that were on-brand for the game while presenting an idea of what exactly playing the game entailed.

Watch the video here to see them in context at the App Store.


A large part of Expresscopy.com’s commitment to customer service came from their dedication to a quality product at a great price. Coupons or promo codes were often highlighted in our email newsletters and blog posts. Part of my job was to create eye-catching creative content that supported the latest promotion. These graphics are example of the hero images I regularly designed during my time there.


Even in the same industry, different clients call for different design requirements. I created this designed for Imprev, Inc’s real estate marketing automation service. To present a less sales-oriented approach this email showcases the concept behind Expresscopy’s unique services that allow you to define your ideal audience. This ability to self-promote based on those who fit your demographic is ideal in today’s competitive market.